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#myjackmason: Folksie Founder and Designer Julie McCullough

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Though a Michigan Native, Julie McCullough seems to have sprouted straight from Texas soil. Despite expanding with wild success, her clothing brand maintains socially responsible principles that prioritize quality, small batch production and the local manufacturing community. Also a champion of the creative community, McCullough will be celebrating a decade of success with her annual fashion event, The Pin Show. Founded as a platform for emerging and established designers, the event brings artists, musicians, designers, the fashion industry and the community together under one big roof for can be described as an experiential fashion show, concert and “one heck of a party.”

Like The Pin Show, McCullough’s style is not easily defined…

Her clothes are designed to be both everyday staples and statement pieces. Her love for the colorful Tulum and natural West Texas somehow belong together when you step foot in the Folksie workshop. Julie’s personal style combines rock n’ roll worthy pieces (and bangs) with natural fabrics and clean lines.

Her personal style, eye for detail and passion for making and exploring made Julie McCullough the perfect partner to launch our custom watch program, The Masonry. With Stevie Nicks as her style icon, it should have come as no surprise that Julie created something both classic and completely her own.

Julie was immediately drawn to the 42mm Aviator Chronograph case and added a pop of color and texture with her strap options. The black pilot style dial is traditional in design, so it was an exciting moment to see our classic dial paired with the suede-like mustard leather strap.

The designer explains, “I love the iconic and classic style of the aviator and chose it because it reminds me of my Grandfather who parachuted on to Normandy Beach on D-Day. I paired it with the Mustard Band because I felt that added a very fun element to it and my otherwise pretty neutral wardrobe, with a back-up of the raw leather for my more classic days, making this watch the perfect accessory!”

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