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Neighbors: Deep Ellum Art Co.

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The newest addition to the neighborhood, Deep Ellum Art Company plays a vital role in sustaining Deep Ellum’s creative community by employing dozens of local artists in their space. The 5,000 square foot building offers art from local artists, live music space, food trucks, and a full bar. A wonderful space in it’s own category that merges art gallery with music venue.

We spoke with Deep Ellum Art Company founder, John LaRue, about what makes Deep Ellum so unique.

In what ways do you feed off of Deep Ellum to inspire and fuel your business ideas and practices?

My business is called The Deep Ellum Art Company. Without DE, I have no business. We are DEDICATED TO THE CREATIVE AND NATIVE® The community has come together to help us create our creative space. The community and the arts are what inspired the concept and what fuel our day to day activities. We have employed almost 100 local artists to date – from muralists to sculptors. And in a year’s time that number will almost certainly triple.

What about this neighborhood/community sets it apart from others in Dallas?

Deep Ellum is one of the only “come as you are” neighborhoods in all of DFW. While it’s edgy, there’s a general attitude of acceptance of all walks of life. Deep Ellum isn’t a place where people pass judgment on how many tattoos you have or what kind of car you drive. It was the first area in Dallas that became desegregated by choice because of music and culture. Long before the civil rights movement, people of all appearances and social status came together to enjoy the vibrant music scene that Deep Ellum is still known for today. It’s a place of culture that was created for, of, and by the community.

How does your business contribute to the local community?

Deep Ellum is changing. Some say that it’s not changing for the betterment of the community. While I disagree that the changes are inherently bad, I aim to keep our little corner between Commerce and Canton 100% authentic to what makes the neighborhood cool. We have provided a creative space for all to enjoy. By employing so many local artists, we are able to help bolster a creative community that is unrivaled in our city

What is your favorite restaurant to visit and what do you order?

Brick and Bones – Fried Chicken
Anvil – Pizza
Idle Rye – Everything! 
Uncle Uber’s – Shaved Ribeye Sandwich
Bowls and Tacos – Everything they make. They saved us during our buildout!

What is your favorite bar (and drink) in the area?

Brick and Bones – Love Nectar

Black Swan – Anything Gabe makes me

Where is the best coffee, bakery, or dessert joint and what do you recommend ordering?

Murray Street Coffee – the blinker for breakfast

If you spent all day out in Deep Ellum, what would that day look like?

A big ball of constant food!

Describe Deep Ellum in three words.

The fuckin’ best!!!

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