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Neighbors: The Bomb Factory

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Here at Jack Mason we take pride in where we come from. For us, Deep Ellum is more than just a neighborhood–it’s the place that we call home. We want to share just how special our home is and the community that makes the neighborhood feel like home.


The Bomb Factory has quickly become Deep Ellum’s premiere music venue. Opening at the height of resurgence of the neighborhood by veterans of the music and Dallas venue industry, many legends have graced the Bomb Factory stage including PHISH, Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Fugazi, The Ramones and more. We caught up with The Bomb Factory promoter and owner Gavin Mulloy on what makes the neighborhood so special.

Photo courtesy of The Bomb Factory

Why choose Deep Ellum to open your business?

Clint & Whitney Barlow resurrected Trees and saw so much potential in the neighborhood and Bomb Factory filled a need for a top on the line large room in Dallas.

What about this neighborhood/community sets it apart from others in Dallas?

Music.  It is the heart of the Dallas music scene.

In what ways do you feed off of Deep Ellum to inspire and fuel your business ideas and practices?

We have a pretty eclectic calendar that reflects the diverse neighborhood that Deep Ellum is.


Favorite bar (and drink) in this area?

Three Links, they make a mean Fireball!

Favorite restaurant to visit and what do you order?

St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin has the best lasagna in Dallas.

Favorite coffee, bakery, or dessert joint? Recommended order?

Lord of the Pies at Emporium Pies

Best coffee, bakery, or dessert joint? Recommended order?

Lord of the Pies at Emporium Pies

We have to ask. Favorite Venue?

The Bomb Factory.

Your ideal day in Deep Ellum?

Go get breakfast at All Good Cafe, go shopping at Jade & Clover, eat a sandwich from Uncle Ubers, stop in Twilite Lounge for a drink, get at Tattoo at Elm Street Tattoo, eat dinner at Pepe & Mitos, catch a concert at Trees

Describe Deep Ellum in three words.

Art, Music, Culture.



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