All of our watches and leather goods are meticulously designed and developed in-house. We strive for perfection by maintaining a high level of attention to detail throughout the entire design process.As a result of our passion and dedication, we believe our products speak for themselves.



Our very first step during conceptualization is sketching. We believe that this is the most effective way of quickly extracting our ideas onto paper. The more the better. This allows us to flush out any and all concepts before focusing in on the next phase.


Our designers carefully hand select the materials during conceptualization. They work with our Italian leather tanneries to develop the perfect color and hand feel.


Jack Mason watches are powered by Japanese movements.
The quality and precision of these miniature machines are some of the best in the industry.


After narrowing down the sketches and selecting materials, we jump into the computer and begin illustrating the concepts to scale. During this phase we prep the designs with dimensions and detailed drawings to submit to our factories for prototyping.


There are multiple rounds of prototyping before getting to the final execution that we are pleased with. The design team works very closely with our partners overseas to make sure every detail is executed the way it should. We strive for perfection and believe the only way to get there is to keep pushing until it’s right.


We recognize and appreciate our customers spending their hard earned dollars to support Jack Mason. In order to achieve the quality we carry at the price points we are at, our products are assembled overseas. We consider our factories to be an extension of the Jack Mason family, and our close partnership helps us get to where we are today. All Jack Mason products are truly hand-crafted by very skilled workers and we are proud to have that team behind the brand.

Quality Control

Every watch and leather item off the production line is meticulously checked for quality. We take this very seriously and want to ensure the product is reliable for our customers. Our attention to detail has no ending.