Everyday is Bring-your-dog-to-work day at Jack Mason headquarters. While we are busy developing new product, the “Watch Dogs” are busy greeting visitors, taking naps, and receiving treats. They have become a part of the family and also a part of the Jack Mason brand. We would like to introduce you to the pack as each of them have a unique personality of their own.


Also known as “Wrecking Ball” when he gets going, there is nothing in his way that will stop him. He’s the big brother of Sunny and usually keeps himself entertained all day long. We all know when Titan is around the office.


Baxter is the most senior of the pack. He loves taking naps and interrupting meetings by opening doors with a little nudge of his snout. Don’t be fooled by his age. The younger pups bring out all sorts of youth in him and keep him light on his paws!


Certainly the most introverted pup of the pack, Dillon loves her alone time and loves her doggie bed even more. Every once in a while, however, she will remind everyone that she’s around by going through a barking routine.


It’s easy to forget that Roxy is around the office since she loves taking naps under her owner’s desk. On the flip side, when she’s not napping, she seeks attention from the nearest human. Just when you think she’s had enough pats on the head, she remains in place begging for more because she loves being loved.


Definitely the least shy of the pack, Nala is a true watch dog. She will greet anyone that comes through the entrance and loves lying in the center of the room, even if it’s in your way. She does a great job sweeping the floor with her wagging tail since she’s the only pup with one.


It’s pretty clear where she gets this nickname from. Her older brother Titan might have taught her a thing or two. Sunny joined the pack at just a few weeks old and has loved growing up in an office tormenting all the other dogs!