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6 Personalized Wedding Gifts For Father Of The Bride

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6 Personalized Wedding Gifts For Father Of The Bride

Many wedding traditions are guided by etiquette. One such tradition is the choice to give a gift to the bride’s mother and father prior to a wedding day. The reason for this is multifaceted: Presumably, the bride’s family will be helpful during the ceremony and reception planning process, in a material or emotional capacity.

It is also important because of the nature of families. After the nuptials, the two families of the newly married couple will become one, in a way. This gift-giving is a chance to embrace this newfound connection between the happy couple and those who love them.

In choosing the perfect gift, personalization is the key. Sentimental value and personal taste matter more than a financial number in situations such as these. For this reason, Jack Mason has elected to highlight a few of our own gift ideas that can be personalized for the occasion. 

For our leather goods, this means the choice of a personal monogram to mark the occasion of the big day. For our watches, this means the presence of a special gift box and notecards for individualized messages. We aspire to improve presentation in a bid to improve already-impressive pieces to give as gifts. 

Slim Bifold Wallet

What better way to start with personal gifts than with a purchase that everyone relies on?

The first item on our list is one every person needs, making it a strong choice to give as a gift. Our Slim Bifold Wallet is designed to reduce the silhouette of the classic wallet into a tight, practical frame. This is done through a bill compartment that is flush with the body of the wallet, reducing any wasted space there may be.

The wallet itself is made from full-grain British Tan Harness leather. Full-grain leather, which results from a fairly unadulterated manufacturing process, has a variety of benefits beyond material purity.

The material is more likely to develop a patina over time in response to sunlight and the natural oils the piece comes in contact with. This makes each Slim Bifold Wallet a piece that develops its own unique identity over time (just like the new couple!).

Each piece also features four dedicated card slots, with a distinctive, curved, longed shape, for those items you use the most. Two interior compartments provide plenty of room for bills and other pieces. A hand-stitched detail of red, white, and blue fabric provides a slight distinguishing feature for this keepsake.

The Custom Monogram

More distinguishing for the piece is the ability to have a custom monogram to prepare it for the user. This is the perfect opportunity to present the bride’s father with something that, at a glance, is recognizably his.

Depending on the particulars of your relationship and others, you could also include either your or his married monogram. You can choose from his last name, the date of the special day, or the name of this father-daughter wedding song dance.

You can also remind him of when he and his partner were newlyweds and include the date of his wedding anniversary or a favorite line from his vows.

With a wedding incoming, it can be a time to reflect on the relationships of those who’ve come before you.

Pursuit Automatic Box Set

The first timepiece we suggest giving the bride’s father is a classic wedding gift idea, in both shape and interior components.

The Pursuit Automatic takes its visual cues from the early history of classic pilot’s watches. It takes interior components from classic watch movements while also including numerous durability-enhancing features. 

The dial is highly practical, with numbered hour indices and an outer edge second scale numbered in intervals of five. In this case, the indices and hands are both affixed with SuperLuminova luminosity markings for improved legibility even in darkness. The dial also features a date window, subtly placed where an hour number would go at the 6 o’clock position. 

The watch itself is immediately eye-catching, thanks to black PVD plating on a 316L stainless steel case. The Pursuit Automatic Box Set is distinguished by the presence of both a black NATO strap and a brown leather strap.

These can be changed out alongside any other 22mm Jack Mason strap, thanks to quick release pins. These pins can be found in all our designs to allow for customized watches for all wearers.

The caseback provides a look into the movement itself. The jewels of the piece and inner workings of the movement are made visible, alongside many other named design elements.

These include a highly scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and water resistance testing at 100 meters. The classic and contemporary elements of the Pursuit Automatic, and versatile-formality straps, make it an effective daily watch and unique wedding present.


For a man who loves the water, a powerful dive watch makes a statement of true appreciation. With a tested water resistance of 300 meters, the Seatrek earns its name as an imposing dive watch.

The piece also features a screw-down crown for moisture protection and a rotating bezel used for timing dives. These elements only mark the physical attributes of the watch when the aesthetic ones are just as rigorously selected.

Each Seatrek features a minimalist dial with oversized hands and indices for clear legibility. The minute hand in each version is outlined in orange to offer a pop of color. 

The subtle raised indices give the watch a textured appearance. The caseback reflects on the overall nature of the watch by depicting a bathysphere, an early piece of deep-sea equipment.

Two versions of the Seatrek exist. One has a black dial, orange accent marks, and a bright orange rubber strap. The other has a seafoam green dial, blue accents, and a navy rubber strap.

Each offering is outgoing in its own way. This makes the Seatrek a stellar choice for those who enjoy bold watches, capable of surviving the harshest conditions.

Overland Solar

The next watch is also built with a consideration for the sea, but with a slightly different purpose. The Overland Solar presents a stylishly conservative take on our outgoing Solar Watch, complete with environmentally ambitious elements.

The watch is formed from cast-recycled stainless steel and features a distinct solar-powered movement. This movement sits below a dial perforated in a honeycomb pattern, lasting up to six months when fully charged.

This solar-powered inclination expresses itself in other outdoorsy ways. With numbered hour markers and a 3 o’clock date window, the Overland Solar is easily read. An interior rotating compass bezel, adjusted through a rotating orange pusher, further defines this bold look. The compass function is highlighted on the caseback, which depicts the north-facing part of one. 

The watch is available in two forms. One features a black dial, black leather strap, and red compass accents. The other features a navy blue dial, tan leather strap, and orange compass accents. With sales helping to fund worldwide outreach and ocean-cleanup endeavors, the Overland Solar is a watch for those who care. 

Canton Day-Date Automatic

We have yet to provide a true dress watch on this list. The Canton Day-Date Automatic fills that need while providing a tribute to one of the most iconic dress watches. The piece is highlighted by a stainless steel case, matching bracelet, and a day-date window at the 3 o’clock position.

The dial is what truly makes this watch stand out. Tapered dauphine-style hands match the multifaceted indices perfectly for an overall complex appearance. Subtle luminosity markers at the 6 and 12 o’clock positions just slightly enhance the legibility of the watch. This automatic watch also features an exhibition caseback to allow examination of the Miyota 8205 movement.

The ideal dress watch should present elegance and power in one sleek design. The Canton Day-Date Automatic presents this, making it a gorgeous watch to wear while walking the bride down the aisle.

Avigator Sport Chronograph

For our last suggestion, we would like to turn to a chronograph watch as one of the most recognizable complications. The Avigator Sport Chronograph is aggressively utilitarian, like the complex navigational systems of high-flying aircraft. 

The dial itself is off-white, highlighted by black subdials and a multicolored tachymeter scale. Yellow subdial and second-hands serve to further the bold visual language of this timepiece. The case itself features an understated, ribbed bezel, as well as an onion-shaped crown that’s a classic feature of pilot watches. 

The aeronautical visual language of the Avigator Sport Chronograph is further developed by the caseback. A sculpture of a winged star atop a textured shutter pattern is flanked by countless design features. This includes competitive water resistance, a  sapphire crystal, as well as the particular model number of the watch.

The piece is tied together by a stitched brown leather strap. This detail blends the classically appealing with the ruggedly formal to complete the bold appearance of the chronograph. The Avigator Sport Chronograph at heart remains a fantastic piece for fathers who love bold, functional wristwear.

Love and Family: True Wedding Themes

The last thing to consider is the exact timing when giving the bride’s father a gift. There are no set rules for when this is acceptable. Since we have been suggesting timepieces, you may prefer to give the gift before the wedding date.

You could give it to him around the bridal shower, around the engagement party, or even bring it to him as you hand-deliver his family's invitations. This would allow him to wear his new accessory on the day of the wedding.

Alternatively, you may wish to deliver it on the day of the wedding itself. Once the ceremony is over, much of the stress of planning is lessened. This can allow the perfect time to step back and enjoy yourself by distributing this and other favors among your guests. No matter how you choose to celebrate, do so in good faith, knowing you are among family, old and new. 


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