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Thoughtfully designed watches, crafted with luxurious quality at an attainable price.

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The Jack Mason Story

It was January 19, 2015 when we put pen to paper and started sketching the first collection. We, of course, knew that we didn’t have the luxury of depending on a recognizable brand name. The product had to speak for itself. Upon receiving the first prototypes, we were thrilled to see the product come to life! While the product was good enough to go to market, we knew there was room for more value. Every year since 2015, we have been taking steps to pump as much value into our watches as possible and we continue this practice today. How can the hardware be improved? How can comfort be improved? We push ourselves every day to keep raising the bar on the level of quality for our customers. We truly want you to get the best bang for your buck and exceed all expectations.

What Makes Jack Mason Different?

We have one non-negotiable rule in our process; design with intent and honesty. If we have to fake it, we don't do it at all.

Our Standards

Every year since 2015, we have been taking steps to pump as much value into our watches as possible and we continue this practice today.

Sapphire Crystal

Our watches are each equipped with one of the hardest crystals on Earth, only second to diamond.

Water Resistant

Designed for every adventure, each of our watches are rated for water resistance of at least 300 feet.

Interchangeable Straps

Every strap uses quick release pins so you can always switch it up with just a moment's notice.

Premium Movements

Our designers make sure to equip each watch with premium movements for high quality timekeeping.

Lifetime Warranty

All of our watches are built to last, which is why we back every watch with a lifetime warranty.

Why We Do It

Our existence comes from a genuine passion for the craftsmanship behind watchmaking and an obsession with the feeling of wearing a fine timepiece. Many of us have stepped into a luxury watch store, window shopping the high-priced items and telling ourselves, “one day.” In addition to walking out empty-handed, the stale and unwelcoming experience of a luxury watch store only further keeps that fine timepiece, merely a dream.

Jack Mason was founded upon the mission of creating good product design with luxury quality, and an approachable experience. We formed a team with extensive industry experience with a shared passion for watches and got to work.

Our Community Impact

From sustainable, recycled materials to efforts in rebuilding local businesses, we believe in the future of our community.

Free Shipping On All Domestic Orders!

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