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About Us

We at Jack Mason are about building a customer centric watch brand that’s approachable, inclusive, and collectible. With our roots established in Texas, our mission is to become a legacy watch brand in our home state by building premium quality watches that are designed with honesty, intent and purpose.

We understand how intimidating it can be to start the hobby as we’ve been there as well, but we also grew into enthusiasts over time and our product matured with it. This is the inspiration behind building a brand that any enthusiast can be a part of no matter where you are in your watch journey.

How We Started

Jack Mason was established in 2015 during the height of the fashion watch trend. After 10 years in the fashion watch industry, Peter Cho and Craig Carter sought to create a watch brand that didn’t have a famous fashion house name attached to it. The goal was to be authentic, original, and fresh in a vast sea of watch brands dominated by two of the largest watch groups in America.

With an original 1971 vintage Airstream as our mobile showroom, we toured the country to spread the good word of our new watch brand. From trade shows to pop-ups, it was our way of seeing the country and doing what we loved.

Our History


Jack Mason was founded in Dallas, Texas


Our presence at top tier department stores spanned across hundreds of locations all over the country.


The fashion watch industry had shifted in a big way and we felt we were losing control of our brand. This year, we made the decision to exit out of all retail and go all in on our own website to take full control of branding.


We’ve always had it in our hearts to become better in every way. The launch of the Strat-o-timer GMT catapulted us into a more enthusiast focused category with a total sellout of the pre-order before it shipped! We decided that this was the way forward.

Where We’re Headed

The last couple of product launches opened the doors for us to a bright future. We’ve changed the way we operate and design product. American assembly, movement regulation, and more refined watch design are key ingredients to the future of Jack Mason.

Since our founding in 2015, we’ve grown together with the community that helped build us up and we are committed to our craft by continuing to elevate our watches in every way and providing the absolute best value possible.

Goals for the Future

We set some goals for ourselves and we thought we should share them with you to keep you in the loop of what’s to come.

Improve Our Best Styles

We have identified a handful of our most popular styles to iterate and improve on to make them better. These will roll out with better design, movements, and value.

Uphold American Watchmaking

We are committed to both contributing and bringing awareness to American watchmaking. Establishing US processes is paramount to improving quality control and servicing.

Community Engagement

Since we’ve become an online brand, it’s taken away from face to face interaction with our community. We are going to hit the road again and organize more events and meetups with y’all.

“As you may have gathered by now, Jack Mason is a brand that always goes the extra mile.”
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