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Best Everyday Watch: 6 Things That Make a Great Daily

Posted by Nicholas Crusie on

Best Everyday Watch: 6 Things That Make a Great Daily

Let’s cut to the chase--what makes a watch great for the everyday


1. The materials of the watch

Your daily watch should be made of quality materials to hold up to the daily grind and the wear and tear of regular use. You’ll want to inspect everything from the face of the watch, to what type of movement the watch has, to the strap, and water resistance in order to make the choice that suits your needs. However, investing in quality is the number one rule.

When you wear the same watch every day, you are subjecting it to all kinds of environmental hazards and potential damage. Choose a watch that is made of strong constitution, won’t falter underwater pressure, and is quite simply, made well.

At Jack Mason, we pride ourselves on creating watches of the utmost quality with movements and features that increase their wearability and durability. When you invest in a Jack Mason, you will have the peace of mind that every detail of how the watch is going to be worn and used is extensively throughout before executing our classic, eye-catching, tailored designs. Each of our watches serves a function as well as exudes style. The quality that we invest in the making of the watch is reflected in the wearer of the watch. 

2. The movement of the watch

The inner workings matter on a watch and the type of movement power your watch contains will affect your daily use of the watch. If you are good with a routine, you can feel comfortable choosing a mechanical watch that requires the manual winding of the mainspring to hold “power” every thirty-five to forty-five hours. If you aren’t the greatest at remembering small tasks, a mechanical is not the best choice for you because your watch will die if not wound regularly. This means you’ll have to take the time to reset the time on your watch after it has been wound. If your daily hustle doesn’t allow you the opportunity to keep up with a mechanical watch, there are still a few options that could be better suited to your lifestyle. 

Automatic watches have a manual watch feature, but if they are worn every day, they will stay wound just from the regular movement of your wrist. This is a huge asset in a daily driver watch. You can have all the style and beauty of a manual watch, without the added routine.

If you are the type of guy who only wears a watch on the weekends, then a quartz movement might be the best choice. Quartz movements are powered by a small battery that emits a specific frequency causing the quartz inside the watch’s motor to vibrate and create electricity. These watches require very little energy to just keep on ticking and no maintenance from the user. 

Taking quartz watches even further is the solar-powered watch movement. The solar-powered watch creates p

ower from any light source to vibrate the quartz mechanism inside and will last many, many years to come. For this type of application, we are always suggesting our highest rated solar watch. Durability and longevity are the key features in this watch that make it the perfect choice for the watch wearers daily life. 

3. The type of watch crystal.

It may seem like a minute detail, but the type of glass on the face of your watch does matter. The material that the watch face is made of, whether it is sapphire, mineral, or acrylic, affects the durability and environments that your watch can stand. Sapphire is incredibly scratch resistant, while mineral is durable and can withstand great depths in water. At the same time, acrylic is affordable. It is an excellent choice if your job requires you to work in harsh weather or working environments where the pressure is heightened.

4. The water resistance of the watch.

How much water depth and pressure your watch can withstand affects how and when you wear your watch. If water seeps into your watch movement, it can damage the crystal, causing it to never work again. Therefore you must be knowledgeable about different water ratings if you are the type of guy who wears his watch in the shower or while surfing at Big Sur. Not all watches are created equal. A daily driver watch is going to need to be able to withstand the constantly changing temperatures and water pressures of every day of your life, not just moderate handwashing. Our standard classic Halyard watch is a great option when shopping for a daily driver that meets the water-resistance needs of the everyday man. Able to withstand depths of pressures of up to 100m, this watch can go from the office to the gym, to swimming laps, and taking a shower with absolutely no trouble at all.

5. The way the watch fits your wrist.

Your watch needs to fit your wrist. This means the diameter of your watch case and the tightness of your band. You want your watch to accentuate your style and not be the first thing people see because they can’t get beyond the fact that it is too small or way too big for your wrist. 

Taking the time to figure out which watch case diameter works best with the size of your wrist will save you humiliation and discomfort. On the same hand, making sure your watch band fits snuggly and is not sliding up and down your wrist will significantly improve your relationship with your watch. This makes your watch an extension of your hand and not just a sloppy accessory that gets in your way because it looks nice. 

A well-fitting watch band ensures that you and others can enjoy the finer details of your watch and improve your time-telling skills. We offer a large variety of watch bands from metal bracelets, to NATO, to the highest standard of Italian leather with our Giles and Moore top-grain leather band. Outfitting your watch with a band that works perfect for your lifestyle and is easy to wear is what will make or break its daily use. 

6. How well the watch fits your style and budget.

You don’t have to break the bank to invest in a watch that will last you for years to come, with an ever-broadening watch market. At Jack Mason, we have created a perfectly curated selection of watches in every price range and style imaginable that can slide right into your budget and check off all those boxes for daily wear. There is no worthy investment more than one of the watch you will wear on your wrist for years to come.

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