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Gifts for New Business Owners: Ideas For Your Entrepreneur Friend

Posted by Nicholas Crusie on

Gifts for New Business Owners: Ideas For Your Entrepreneur Friend

Being an entrepreneur is a major commitment and a leap of faith. Putting your heart and soul into a big dream takes effort, time, sacrifice, and willingness to hustle. If someone close to you is an entrepreneur getting started with their business, one perfect gift to give them is a great watch.

Looking For A Gift For Someone Starting A Business?

Wearing a high-quality, good-looking watch makes a major impression in the professional world. When presentation counts, your outfit and the accessories you wear, including a watch, make a big difference in how you are perceived. 

For an entrepreneur, this means dressing and accessorizing well is a must. You can’t settle for a mediocre watch in the business world. In contrast, a great watch can take your look and the presentation you leave to the next level. 

In this article, you’ll learn some of the best watches to give as gifts to someone who needs to look their best on a daily basis. Not all watches are created equal, and for an entrepreneur, quality is a big deal. 

Keep reading to learn our top picks for watches for entrepreneurs. These stylish timepieces go great with a hustle-ready outfit and are sure to make any entrepreneur in your life feel special.

What Makes A Good Watch For An Entrepreneur?

A self-starting business owner needs clothes and accessories that send the message that they are motivated, organized, and able to take charge and get things done. An entrepreneur’s choice of watch should reflect these attributes, meaning something sleek, simple, functional, and versatile is a perfect option. 

An ideal watch for an entrepreneur should be compatible with outfits at different levels of formality, from business casual to black-tie attire.

Some of the characteristics of a watch to keep an eye on when shopping for a gift for an entrepreneur are colors, complications, and materials. The color of a formal watch should be neutral, meaning it will not distract from or clash with the rest of a dressier outfit. Ideal colors for a more formal watch are gold, silver, or black. 

A leather strap is typically more fitting for watches worn in a formal setting and looks great with more casual outfits. One of the primary ways to easily level up an outfit is coordinating the colors of accessories like belts, shoes, and watches to give a look a more uniform aesthetic. 

If you have seen the recipient of your gift wearing lots of black leather accessories, a black leather watch strap is an ideal option for them (black leather is also more suitable for very formal outfits). Likewise, if you are giving a gift to someone who favors brown leather, a brown leather watch strap will be perfect.

An excellent dive watch to give to an entrepreneur is the Jack Mason Seamount. With a sleek design, a variety of strap options, and minimal complications, the Seamount makes a lasting impression. Designed in the spirit of some of watchmaking history’s greatest dive watches, Jack Mason’s Seamount watch provides the finishing touches to an outfit that will take it to the next level. 

Why Dive Watches Pair So Well With Formal Wear

It might seem unlikely that a wristwatch designed to be worn in the depths of the ocean would look great with a suit, but you’d be surprised. Dive watches are as famous for their stylish looks as they are for their water resistance. 

With few complications and a distinct look and feel, dive watches are the perfect pairing for a suit and tie, a pair of khakis and collared shirt, or any other more dressy outfit. They’re also incredibly versatile and look great in a more casual setting as well. 

When you are looking for the ideal dive watch to give to an entrepreneur, opting for a quartz watch is a great move. Quartz watches are battery powered and do not require any manual winding to keep ticking and stay accurate. For a business owner with plenty to do each day, even a small task like winding your watch can become burdensome. Quartz watches are low-maintenance, convenient, and durable.

Racing Watches For Entrepreneurs

Racing watches are another type of timepiece that looks great with many business-friendly outfits. Featuring a three-eye chronograph, the racing watch design was meant to be especially useful to competitive drivers, but its distinct look makes it ideal for anyone who likes to keep their outfits classy.

If the recipient of your gift of a watch is a car enthusiast, a racing watch is a perfect pick for them, paying homage to their love for automobiles. Racing watches have a distinctly sporty look, well-crafted and sleek like so many legendary cars from throughout automotive history. Anyone who appreciates efficiency, precision, and well-built technological marvels will love a racing watch.

When picking a racing watch for an entrepreneur, it’s often wise to opt for a watch with a leather strap as opposed to a metal one. Leather straps are typically considered more formal than their metal counterparts and look great paired with a matching belt or pair of dress shoes. In a business environment where the impression your appearance makes has a major impact, a leather-strapped racing watch is a perfect pairing with a well-chosen outfit.

A great racing watch to give to an entrepreneur is Jack Mason’s leather-strapped racing chronograph. This watch is extremely pleasing to the eye, harkening back to the feel of the dashboard of a classic race car. Wearing the racing chronograph gives the impression of an appreciation for the finer things in life – great watches and great cars included.

The Aviation Watch: A Great Pick For Business Owners

The pilot watch is a legendary design that pairs extremely well with dressy or casual outfits. Available in multiple styles, with some including complications like chronometers or additional hands, an aviation watch is a great gift for an entrepreneur. 

The pilot watch’s classic look has been sported for decades by well-dressed individuals who want to make a great impression. The design is revered by many for its distinct look and feel and the convenience and functionality offered by the presence of complications like chronometers.

An ideal choice for an aviation watch for an entrepreneur is Jack Mason’s aviation 3-hand. With a stylish leather strap and minimalistic design, it pairs perfectly with a suit and tie, a daily casual outfit, or anything in between. 

For an entrepreneur’s wardrobe, a watch with versatility is a must. Since a business owner often has a less predictable day-to-day schedule, sometimes needing to wear an outfit with a different level of formality each day, an extremely versatile watch like the aviation 3-hand is a perfect pick.

Why An Entrepreneur Needs A Quartz Watch

The different types of watches can be powered by different types of movement. The primary types of watch movements are manually wound mechanical watches, automatic watches, and battery-powered quartz watches.

  • Mechanical watches are often considered luxury items and can be highly sought-after for their association with a lush lifestyle. However, a mechanical watch also requires routine winding and upkeep, which many entrepreneurs simply don’t have time for. 
  • An automatic watch is powered using the turning motions of the wearer’s wrist, but this means it will eventually stop ticking if it is not worn regularly, requiring manual winding by the wearer. 

Consequently, mechanical and automatic watches are not quite as convenient and low-maintenance as their quartz counterparts.

  • A battery-powered quartz watch never needs to be wound by the wearer and is much less likely to require other forms of attention and maintenance. Quartz watches can look just as good as mechanical and automatic watches, as the only difference is in the mechanism that allows the watch to tick and keep time accurately. 

In addition, a quartz watch is often more affordably priced than a mechanical watch. Don’t let the price difference fool you, though – it doesn’t mean quartz watches are lower in quality.

When giving a watch to an entrepreneur, look for one with quartz movement. Jack Mason’s quartz watches offer their wearers unparalleled convenience, functionality, and durability, all while looking and feeling great to wear. 

Watches Are Perfect Gifts For Entrepreneurs

Any watch from Jack Mason gives its wearer a chance to make a statement about what they value and who they are. Wearing a watch that is built with excellence and craftsmanship is a powerful means of letting the world know what you value and care about. For an entrepreneur, this impression is invaluable. 

As an entrepreneur, your life is your brand, and everything you say, do and wear can leave a lasting mark on those you lead and influence. A Jack Mason watch is the perfect gift for any entrepreneur, matching perfectly with the hardworking mindset of a determined business owner.






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