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Introducing our latest

Solar Watch

A vibrant take on our
most sustainable watch.

Introducing our latest

Solar Watch

A vibrant take on our most sustainable watch.

Designed To Inspire Adventure

Colors That Gooo

Inspired by retro outdoor gear and bold adventures

Manual Compass

An age old tool - more stylish than ever, functional as always

SuperLUM Markings

Glowingly handy - even when the sun goes down

Velcro Strap Closure

Wildly comfortable with a practical fit for every venture

Solar Watch

The Solar watch is back for Earth Day and bolder than ever. It features a cast recycled stainless steel case that is assembled and tested for water- resistance of up to 100 meters. The solar-powered movement sits below the purple perforated dial and can last up to 6 months on a full charge. The 20mm strap is made from recycled ocean plastic and features velcro for maximum adjustability. 10% of profits will be donated to the Jan & Oscar Foundation to help the continued efforts in cleaning up our oceans.

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Restore Our Earth

We're taking larger strides to protect our planet.

1. Reduce

Renewable Energy

The patterned cutouts on the dial allow the sun rays to penetrate the solar cell beneath and charge the battery operating the Epson VS42 movement.

We All Need Vitamin D

Just 5 hours of sunlight provides enough power for up to 6 months of use. No more worrying about your watch battery.

2. Reuse

Recycled Stainless Steel Case

The sheets of scrap metal that remain after cutting out watch cases during mass production, are melted down and cast into molds. We are able to reduce waste and re-purpose the steel into new watch cases.
We’ve teamed up with #tide to take what is polluting our oceans to produce a sustainable and versatile watch strap.

3. Recycle

Recycled Ocean Plastic Strap

The color-blocked #tide strap is made from recycled plastic waste collected from our oceans.

Did You Know?

8+ million

tons of plastic trash lands in the ocean every year

How It Works

The #tide granular material is compounded with the help of solar energy – and made completely from plastic collected from the ocean and coastlines.
Compounding recycling with solar power saves 38% of energy
Ocean Plastic Is Collected & Sorted
Sorted Plastic Gets Shredded & Washed
Compounded With Swiss Technology
Repurposed Into Sustainable Textiles
We’re giving 10% of the profits made from all Solar Watch purchases to the Jan & Oscar Foundation to help keep our oceans and planet clean.
By using recycled PET you can save up to 79% of carbon emissions
Solar Watch

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