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10 Guidelines That Will Have You Wearing Your Watch Like a Gentleman

Posted by Nicholas Crusie on

10 Guidelines That Will Have You Wearing Your Watch Like a Gentleman

Need some tips on how to help your premium watch help you become a premium gentleman? Read on! 

1. Don't wear a watch too big for your wrist. Flashy is not classy.

Investing a small amount of time to find out your wrist measurements will save you the embarrassment of choosing a watch that's too big for your wrist. 

Smaller watches are at the peak of style right now, the only reason you should be buying a larger watch is if you have larger wrists that are proportionate with the size. 

Your best bet is to forget about the bling. Large watch cases are misconceived to be more valuable when, in reality, you are going to be flaunting all the wrong things if you walk into a room when your watch is the first thing people see.

2. Don't check the time too often. In most social situations, checking your watch is considered rude. 

To be polite to those around you, staying engaged in the situation at hand is essential. 

If you are constantly checking your watch, you are telling the room that you have better places to be and that this conversation is not worth your time. We know it's easy just to flip your wrist and gaze into your favorite watch, but just don't do it in an intimate group, in a meeting, or even in a casual brush in with a friend at a bar. 

How to be cool, calm, and check the time? Excuse yourself to go to the bathroom or reach for your drink and slip a sly glance down at your up-turned wrist, but don't just do the quintessential elbow bend and balled up hand look at your wrist or you may not be invited out again. 

3. Plan your watch to match your outfit or activity for the day.

You wouldn't wear basketball shorts with a blazer, and in the same token don't wear a watch that doesn't suit the needs of your day. If you are going camping, leave your metal bracelet chronograph at home and go for a sleek field watch, something durable that will work for you. And on the other hand, please don't wear a bright orange dive watch with a silicone band with your tuxedo.

A watch is a worthy investment to show off, but one of your watch's main functions outside of telling time is to compliment your look. Wearing a watch that is blatantly the opposite of your outfit destroys your mystique and damages your credibility. 

4. Balance is everything.

You want to balance your watch strap to your watch case. 

Bright, patterned straps are great. They can be beautiful and fun, but for most of your outfits, occasions, and excursions, you will need a few well-balanced daily drivers, like the plain yet classic brown leather strap--it’s a strap that is going to keep your watch secure and go with almost anything you wear. 

However, having extra straps in your arsenal will not only expand your watch wardrobe but will extend the life of your watch. Having a well-worn strap that fits like a glove is an excellent accomplishment until you lose a spring pin, and thus your entire watch.

4. Strap fit is key to a well-worn watch. 

A strap that is too loose is not only sloppy, but it is also an annoyance when going about your day. 

Imagine your watch flopping back and forth every time you raise your arms during a presentation or if you are that guy who takes a midday run on his lunch break to have your watch flip the wrong way when you stop to check your time. It can be very frustrating. 

Fitting a watch strap is incredibly simple and takes 15 minutes max. We talk about finding the perfect fit in our post here <insert link to new strap fitting article>, and if you don't have the five minutes to spare, pop into a watch shop, it's inexpensive and quick to have your watch strap adjusted for you. 

5. Wear your watch on the wrist that works best for you. 

There is nothing worse than your watch getting in your way throughout your day. 

The wrist that you wear your watch on is up to you. Typically most watches are worn on the left wrist because most people are right-handed and wear their watch on their non-dominant hand because it is more comfortable and out of the way when writing or participating in activities in which you'd be using your dominant hand. 

Which wrist you choose to wear your watch on is going to be the wrist where it feels most comfortable for your daily use. If that is your right wrist and you are right-handed, that is totally acceptable. If it is your left wrist and you are left-handed, that is also acceptable. This is one of those watch rules that is really about personal preference and comfort.

6. Smartwatches are not a luxury watch. They will not take the place of your watch collection.

Smartwatches are great, they keep you connected to the world, they have loads of functionality, but they don't have any style. 

Plus, with new models coming out every year, a smartwatch investment loses value quickly, unlike its counterpart, the luxury watch. The luxury watch is built of components that last, it was created with style and aesthetic and use in mind, it is designed to be durable and last for many years to come.

There are plenty of situations where a smartwatch is a great choice. Headed to the gym? Grab your smartwatch. An afternoon strolling the neighborhood and playing outside with the kids? The perfect time to hit that 10,000 step goal with your smartwatch. But otherwise, a smartwatch is not the right choice. The face of a smartwatch is literally black when it is not in use. There is nothing interesting or accent worthy on a smartwatch. The case is made of delicate glass that can shatter on impact, there are limited watch face designs, and more often than not, they are paired with utilitarian silicone straps. 

7. Wearing the right watch at the right time.

Not every watch is created equal, and therefore they are not all interchangeable. 

Different events and activities in your life require different types of watches. Wearing the right watch to the right function serves you. Watches are made to accentuate your style or be useful to the needs of your day. 

Wearing the wrong watch could hinder your adventure, but it could also make you stick out like a sore thumb if you wear the wrong watch to the wrong function. Be tasteful in your watch choices. A gentleman is thoughtful about his accessories and the balance of his overall look. The watch is matched to the man, not the man to the watch.

8. Watch wrist placement.

This debate is centuries old, but where your watch is worn on your wrist makes a difference. Your watch should be placed above the bone. 

There may be some who disagree with this, but to get the most comfort, have the most style versatility, and increase the longevity of your watch, you should wear your watch above the bone. When you wear your watch above the bone, you get full mobility of your wrist. 

Handcuffs aren't comfortable, they are correctly worn below the wrist bone closer to the hand in order to decrease your hands' movement. Don't be the guy who wears their watch like a pair of handcuffs where your watch gets in the way of basic everyday tasks. Not only does wearing the watch above the bone look more natural, but it will also save you a lot of pain and discomfort at the end of the day.

9. Don't wear the same watch every day.

We all have watches we love-watches that feel like our exact personal style. But, there are a few reasons you don't want to wear the same watch day after day. 

First of all, wearing the same watch, without taking the time to clean it, check the pins, change out the strap--it's going to get beat up. Some patina and some scratches are like a badge of honor and to be expected. However, wearing the same watch everyday puts a lot of work and weight on that one watch. 

The best thing for your favorite watch is to take it off, give it a proper winding and swap it out for a day or two for another one of your favorites. That way, you can ensure that your investment will be around for years to come and that you don't miss something small in its everyday wear and tear that could cause you to lose or damage your watch long term. 

Taking the time to care for your watches is respective of your investments, and sometimes that care comes in the form of a little break.

10. Invest in watches that enhance your lifestyle.

With so many watches on the market, it can be tempting to buy the ones that excite you, but there is nothing worse than investing in a watch that you can't immediately put into rotation. A watch that is going to just sit on a shelf is a glorified paperweight. 

Instead of purchasing the latest and greatest, put your investments in watches you will wear and appreciate. No matter what your occupation is or how you like to have fun, your watch should be a valuable asset to you.

There You Have It 

These 10 guidelines are meant to help you feel confident in your watch choices and get you feeling your best. No matter where you are in building your watch collection, having some basic knowledge on watch etiquette and style will save you loads of headaches and embarrassment down the road. Now, how many of these guidelines can you say you follow?





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