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Meet the Pilot Watch Designed by AOPA Pilots

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Meet the Pilot Watch Designed by AOPA Pilots

If You’ve Been Looking For The Perfect Pilot’s Watch, Look No Further

Whether you are a professional pilot, an aviation aficionado, or the proud owner of your own personal aircraft, you need an aviation watch. Steeped in rich history from decades of airline innovation, the pilot’s watch design is perfect for seasoned aviators and newcomers alike. 

AOPA and Jack Mason have joined forces to create the perfect pilot’s watch – the AOPA Pilot’s Chronograph. This collaboration gave the expert craftsmen at Jack Mason the opportunity to receive direct input from some of the most seasoned pilots in the field of aviation. The result was a watch that checks all the required boxes in form and function for a pilot and then goes way above and beyond.

Why Jack Mason Partners With Aviators

We believe aviation, whether professional or as a hobby, is one of the most integral and enriching aspects of modern life. Air travel has made the world a more connected, more exciting place, and the pilots in the cockpits of every aircraft are passionately devoted to the advancement and innovation of their field. 

We firmly believe in the value of pursuing innovation in the field of innovation and know that one of the most effective ways to push flying forward into the future is to provide aviators with the best tools possible for their trade.

If you are a passionate pilot yourself, you know the importance of a high-quality timepiece that is right at home on the tarmac and in the cockpit. An excellent aviator’s watch should win out in term.

of both form and function, looking and feeling great to wear while providing all of the necessary tools that a pilot needs to make flying easier and more enjoyable.

Who Are AOPA?

AOPA is the acronym used for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. A group of passionate aviators who have joined together for the sake of the advancement and protection of the freedom to fly, the AOPA has grown considerably since its inception in 1939. AOPA advocates for providing access to training resources for civilian pilots, giving passionate aspiring pilots the opportunity to get the experience they need. 

According to the AOPA, the organization’s main goal is, “To ensure that the sky remains within reach of everyone who dreams of becoming a pilot.” Protecting the freedom to fly and providing a community for aviation enthusiasts has made AOPA an integral force in the advancement of the tradition and trade of flying.

The Tools Of The Trade In Their Highest-caliber Form

Fitted with specialized complications that meet the specific needs of pilots, the AOPA Pilot’s Chronograph has everything a pilot could ask for in a masterfully-crafted timepiece. 

One highlight of any great pilot’s watch is its chronometers, which a pilot can use for tracking flight times. The AOPA Pilot’s Chronograph is powered by Swiss quartz movement, making it an extremely reliable timepiece that will retain its accuracy with incredible precision. A pilot’s watch needs to have as precise of instruments as possible, and Jack Mason has spared no expense in their effort to make this timepiece the best watch on the market for aviators.

In addition, the Pilot’s Chronograph is equipped with a movement guard that protects it from the magnetic fields emitted by an aircraft’s instruments. These magnetic fields can disrupt the functionality of a watch, which, as any pilot knows, is a major problem. Thanks to expert craftsmanship and input from AOPA, this watch is equipped with an iron cage that blocks out any interference from magnetic fields in the cockpit.

The watch’s crystal is of the finest quality. Thoroughly tested for resistance to pressure changes that come with increases and decreases in altitude, this watch is impervious to warping. In addition, the durability and integrity of the crystal make it nearly impossible to shatter. 

For added convenience and functionality, the AOPA Pilot’s Chronograph is also equipped with a bi-directional bezel. This feature can be used to track time in a second time zone, a function that can be indispensable for pilots flying across the country or to other parts of the world. The bezel can also serve as a countdown timer. 

All of the watch’s sub-dials, as well as its bezel, are painted with a luminous coating of the finest possible quality. This luminous paint ensures that you will have the ability to easily read your watch’s display even while making flights through the night. The luminous sub-dials and bezel are paired with hands and hour markers coated in a light-emitting material known as tritium. Tritium, through its slight radioactivity, allows the hands and hour markers of the AOPA Pilot’s Chronograph to continuously emit light for up to two and a half decades.

With an overall outstanding build that is a perfect combination of the best of aviation watchmaking’s history and the direct input of passionate pilots, the AOPA Pilot’s Chronograph is an aviation timepiece like no other. Providing professional pilots and aviation hobbyists alike with a timekeeping experience that will satisfy all of their in-flight needs, this watch is the pinnacle of decades of watchmaking and airline innovation. 

Whether you are a newcomer to flying and want to take your level of preparedness for the skies to the next level, or a seasoned aviator with decades of experience under your belt, the AOPA Pilot’s Chronograph is the watch you’ve been looking for. With everything you need to make your flights the smoothest and most rewarding they can be, it’s an expertly crafted aviation timepiece like no other.






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