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What is an Automatic?

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What is an Automatic?

We receive a lot of questions from our customers regarding the difference between quartz and automatic movements. When choosing a watch, this is very important to understand. The movement type provides a different value to each customer. For example, automatic watches better cater to the needs of the casual watch wearers and generally not for the occasional wearers.

Automatic watches date back to the late 1700s and remain in the watch industry today as an admired mechanical design. For many of the same reasons that vinyl records have increased in value, automatic watches have a premium value compared to quartz or even digital watches. They are traditional style watches that provide several benefits. 

What is an automatic movement?

Automatic movements are self-winding, meaning that they do not run on a battery; instead, they run as long as you are wearing them on your wrist. The natural motion of your wrist keeps the rotor active, and in some watches that have an exposed case back, you can see this rotor moving. 

Why are automatic movements more expensive than quartz?

Automatic movements require significantly more components and have a more intricate design than battery operated quartz movements.

In most of our automatic watches we use a Miyota caliber 821A movement. Below are the most important specifications of this movement that add to its value. 

  • Running Time: 42 hours when it is fully wound
  • Vibration Frequency: 21600 vibrations per hour
  • Jewels: 21pcs

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