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Leather Watch Straps: What you need to know

Posted by Kacie Webb on

Leather Watch Straps: What you need to know

Look & Feel 

The quality of a leather strap can make or break a watch, sometimes literally. It’s no secret that the country of Italy is home to some of the best tanneries in the world. All Jack Mason watches have Italian leather straps.


Other countries, of course, produce high-quality leather, so in our opinion, it’s best to rub your fingers into the leather and feel how the surface reacts. It is quite easy to tell when a leather feels “plasticky” from the surface coating or just plain flimsy.

Leather Watch Straps: What you need to know

Break-In Period

Similar to a new pair of leather shoes or boots, some leather straps require a breaking-in period. Don’t be discouraged if the strap feels a bit stiff when new. We encourage you to bend and work the leather a bit to see how it performs. 

Our Customers Agree

"Excellent quality. This interchangeable strap reeks of taste and class!" - Peter P. 

"I was given a Jack Mason watch for a gift, and I loved its classic look, however, I ruined the band and the reason why I ordered a replacement. The bands are easy to put on, with the easy hinge. It looks good either with casual clothes or dressed up. I have already had women compliment me on the watch and the new bands. Great quality and it comes in a really nice pouch! I bought the perforated tan leather band and a black one too." - Jacob V.

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Leaders in Luxury Leather

Since 1933 Moore & Giles has supplied leather for high-end hospitality, aviation/automotive and residential interior design industries, but we had the honor of creating the first watch strap from their premium leather.

We are always striving to offer our customers the best value. Our new premium Moore & Giles leather straps are truly luxurious and still under one-hundred dollars.

When it comes to choosing your next watch strap, we hope this helps to provide you with peace of mind, knowing the value you receive with one of our leather straps. 

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