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Classic Watches: 5 Styles That Have Stood the Test of Time

Posted by Nicholas Crusie on

Classic Watches: 5 Styles That Have Stood the Test of Time

Some things just never go out of style. Whether it’s field watches or diving watches that come to mind, there’s a certain something about the five styles of watches we’re about to go through that are simply unforgettable by time. 

The Dress Watch

A dress watch propels you into the sophistication and sartorial splendor of manhood like no other watch you might buy. A dress watch is going to be the only watch you wear to the landmark milestones and distinguished occasions of your life.

The dress watch combines elegance and etiquette. Dress watches are not designed to endure the daily lifestyle of a man from day-to-day. Alternatively, they are usually lightweight, thin, delicate in profile, and made of finer metals. Dress watches are made with exquisite precision for the events in life, where it is important to forget that time exists and to be present for the event itself. 

The Jack Mason Canton Day-Date is the perfect dress watch for all the occasions worth celebrating in life. The Canton Day-Date is a contemporary take on the classic dress watch, and unlike most dress watches, the Canton Day-Date dial seamlessly boasts the date of the week and the date. The 40 mm 316L case is constructed and tested for water resistance up to 100 meters. Its brilliant white dial enhances gold dauphine style hand and multi-faceted indices. The contoured stainless steel and 24kt gold bracelet help this watch sit snuggly just below your cuff. It’s built with a shimmering sapphire crystal face and the long-lasting Miyota 2305 Japanese Quartz movement. 

The Field Watch

The first watches produced and manufactured at a broader level were field watches, originally mass-produced to improve the precision of military tactics of the Second World War. Officers could schedule attacks down to the second to take the enemy trench with well-timed heavy artillery, cavalry, and stealth simply with the use of their watches.

The same style and design still ring true for field watches today. In fact, not much has changed in the modern field watch, apart from the addition of luxury parts, as the watch has shifted away from utility and into a multi-functional day-to-day watch for the contemporary individual. 

The Jack Mason Solar Watch is an ode to past field watches. It boasts a clean, classic field watch theme, but with a sleek, up-to-date finish. The black watch face with emerald green highlights is a tribute to the great outdoors while also retaining the classic field watch, a high contrast design. This watch reflects the subtle hues of nature and iconic field watch simplicity. Rated for a water-resistance of a 100m makes this watch the perfect utility accessory for the adventurous man. The smooth recycled stainless steel 42mm case equipped with solar power and an Epson VS42 makes this watch conscientious yet powerful. The solar watch can withstand almost any type of wilderness you throw at it, and its sapphire watch crystal adds just a touch of luxury rounding out the details.

The Aviator Watch

Pilots promoted the development of watch technology in the early twentieth century. At the time, people were still wearing pocket watches, and the wristwatch was not the common standard it is today. 

Aviator watches are increasingly popular and beloved for their practical elegance and sharp readability. Nevertheless, the aviator watch is more of a style of choice than the essential instrument watches originally used by the pilots in the early days of the flight. Aviator watches have been born out of necessity. While aviator watches started as a scientific instrument, the unprecedented attention to detail and design of the aviator watch has continued to dominate an entire class of watches available on the market. 

Most aviator watches today do not boast scientific features of their predecessors, but their inspired longevity and readability combined with the intricate elegance of days gone by make this watch a cornerstone of the avid watch connoisseur’s collection.

The Jack Mason Avigator Watch is the perfect modern aviator watch. This watch is a great first watch for any man’s collection. It exudes that classic 1930s vintage watch style coated in quiet sophistication with its Multi-Scale Chronograph. This watch is an ode to the first field watches with its simplistic, yet charming vibes, paired with a tailored Italian top grain leather strap rounding out those details with its contrast stitching 21st Century design with a classic flair. The black sunray dial enhances the look of this watch. The dial features Swiss Super-Luminova® markings and indices for extreme legibility. The Japanese Quartz movement ensures it will stand the test of time.

Racing Watches

The racing watch isn’t just great for a car enthusiast anymore. With its emblematic elegance and accuracy, the race watch has passed from the utilitarian watch to the man’s favorite everyday watch. Racing watches are an emblematic style that is not just for the automobile industry. 

Racing watches are used by athletes, swimmers, rowers, physicians, and even manufacturers. However, you don’t have to be any of these guys to love a racing watch. Racing watches are just as ideal for an outdoor enthusiast as they are for the most trendy man in the workplace. The modern racing is still equipped with a chronograph, and a tachymeter boasting the same usability as the classic, less polished racing watch. With the modern age, the racing watch has reached new heights in style and is a perfect long-term investment for any collector or novice.

What makes a race watch? Typically, they include one or more of the following design additions, or complications to the face of the watch:

  • High-Contrast Dial - High-contrast dials are easily read at high speeds.
  • Chronograph - A separate stopwatch utilizing a start and stop pusher to operate the second hand and has up to three registers on the dial.
  • Tachymeter Bezel - A Tachymeter bezel scale located around the dial allows the racer to make speed calculation
  • Pulsometer Bezel - Measures heart rate

The Jack Mason Mirabeau racing watch honors time and speed with its sporty navy and stainless steel aesthetic. This watch is built to last and is based on some of the most iconic mid-century automobiles of our time. The classic golden age style with its navy dial and center set chronograph sets off this watch’s face. The Mirabeau’s unique Italian leather perforated strap mimics the design of vintage racing gloves. Its Miyota OS21 movement keeps this watch running smoothly as it hugs the curves of your wrist like a classic care on a great American highway. Details, my friend, details.

Dive Watch

Dive watches are designed for underwater diving. Commonly equipped with bezel markers, dive watches are used to keep track of time spent underwater. The deeper the dive, the less visibility so luminescent minute markers will ensure that the diver will be able to accurately track the time of their dive and accurately keep track of how much oxygen they have consumed.

Must-have characteristics to be considered in a dive watch include:

  • Have a total water resistance level of 100 meters (330 feet)
  • Be equipped with a secure diving measurement system.
  • Date, bezel, and sign that the watch is working and can be read at a distance of 25 cm in the dark.
  • Be anti-magnetic.
  • Be shock-resistant.
  • Be immune to saltwater.
  • Be underwater efficient.

The Jack Mason Seamount takes the classic technical, dive watch to a whole new level. With its 42mm case, it is easily worn on a wide range of wrist sizes. High contrast black gloss dial and Swiss Super-Luminova® markings create strong legibility. The sapphire crystal face adds just a glint of mirrored shine. It is equipped with a screw-down crown aiding in its 300m rated water resistance.

Now that you’ve seen all these timeless pieces for yourself, what classic watch are you going to choose for yourself?








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