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Jimmi Simpson wears a Jack Mason watch on his wrist in 'Unhinged’.

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Jimmi Simpson wears a Jack Mason watch on his wrist in 'Unhinged’.

Jimmi Simpson wears a Jack Mason watch on his wrist in Russell Crowe’s latest intense nerve-wracking blockbuster thriller ‘Unhinged’.


Russell Crowe brings unnerving intensity to his latest role in Unhinged, a psychological thriller about an enraged man out for revenge. Here are the Jack Mason luxury timepieces that were chosen to appear on his wrist as part of his signature performance, as well as other watches throughout this exhilarating blockbuster film. 

Hitting the silver screen on August 21, 2020, Unhinged stars Russell Crowe. The Academy Award-winner plays an unnamed and emotionally unstable man. Opposite his anger and rage is Caren Pistorous, who plays Rachel, a wife and mother. The two cross paths when driving on the packed streets of New Orleans. Crowe’s character—the unnamed man—drives a beefy pickup truck that rides high with an ominous presence as thick as the intimidating aura he emanates. When Rachel honks at him with a long, irritated press of her car horn, she infuriates the man. But as he attempts to make a human connection with her, he teeters between fury and forgiveness. When she denies him the courtesy of a mutual apology, he is consumed with the burning need for vengeance, and a dangerous game of cat and mouse ensues.

The summer blockbuster movie tapped Jack Mason to provide luxury watches. Here are the designs that appeared in the film.

Timeless Designs in Unhinged

Perhaps a surprise to viewers, Crowe—a committed actor—did all of the driving stunts himself. In addition to hands-on stunt driving training, he participated in fight training as well. “People won’t believe that he is doing the stunt driving himself,” says James Portolese, the film’s co-producer. It’s a testament to Crowe’s devotion to his craft, a parallel to the commitment to quality that Jack Mason embodies. 


Jack Mason—based in Texas—designs and crafts luxury timepieces. And one of these watches appears on the wrist of one of Crowe’s co-actors, Jimmi Simpson. Simpson plays Andy—a busy besuited divorce lawyer and a caring friend to Rachel. In his key scene, he’s waiting for Rachel in a diner. Dressed in a suit and tie, he impatiently checks the time. 

The luxury watch that Simpson sports on his wrist is the Pursuit Chronograph. Featuring the iconic design of a pilot’s watch, this watch is stylish yet unassuming. As with all of the meticulous designs in the Jack Mason collection, the watch is crafted to look equally impressive when worn with professional attire as it would when paired with a rugged outfit. As keen viewers might notice in the film, it looks right at home alongside Simpson’s business attire. Simpson, playing his role, imparts an air of intelligence and professionalism. It’s a testament to how Jack Mason’s classic, timeless designs appear at ease in any ensemble and on any man.

The Pursuit Chronograph

The Pursuit Chronograph is a tribute to the classic pilot’s watch. It features a stainless steel case, a black dial, and Swiss Super-Luminova® markings and indices for high legibility. In conjunction with Simpson’s performance as a busy lawyer, the watch’s meticulous design conveys confidence and professionalism in the face of conflict and uncertainty. Certainly a fine choice of timepiece for Simpson’s character. 

Shop The Look

Viewers can learn more about the watch on the Jack Mason website, where they can choose from three different styles. The dial is available in both matte and sunray finished in black, navy and gray. The palette was carefully chosen to complement a wide range of looks. In addition to the varied dials, a range of straps are available as well. There are Italian leather straps in a range of colors from black to brown to tan, as well as rubber and nylon options. Secured to the stainless steel case using quick-release pins, the straps are made to be easily swapped out.

Whether a man is dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt or a crisply pressed shirt adorned with a bold Windsor knot, this Jack Mason chronograph impresses in all areas.The sapphire crystal is tough, second only to diamond. And the 316L stainless steel case is durable and corrosion-resistant. Along with machined buckles, it is undoubtedly the watch of choice for any man who values reliability and toughness.

Browse for other watches in its Aviation collection. 

About Jack Mason

The team of craftsmen at Jack Mason has over 75 years of combined experience in designing and crafting timeless, luxury timepieces. The watches are put together using top quality materials. The straps are made of Italian leather, and the movements use high-grade sapphire crystal for its Japanese and Swiss movements. Designed to be worn every day, the watches are proudly built to last a lifetime.

Jack Mason is a Texas-born company bringing independence, approachability and legacy to the watch industry. Since our founding in 2015, we have focused on developing a line of thoughtfully designed, luxury timepieces. Our team deeply believes that the watch a man chooses to wear showcases who he is while also creating the legacy of who he wants to be.

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