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Let The Exhilaration Overcome You

Posted by Kacie Webb on

Let The Exhilaration Overcome You

Step into the cockpit of that car. As your weight sinks into the upholstered seat, a sense of security and adrenaline starts to build up inside you. Now, you grip the steering wheel and turn the ignition and the menacing sound of the engine fills the area around you. You’re now in total control and ready to peel off the asphalt leaving tread marks behind you.

Introducing: Camber 

Our newest driver’s watch, the Camber Chronograph, was designed with the car enthusiast in mind. We created a watch that evokes the same sense of power and precision that you get from driving your favorite sports car, giving you that exhilarating feeling wherever you are. 

The camber is the vertical tilt on the wheels of a car, which allows it to grip the road as it turns. This tilt is mimicked in the dial design of this watch with an inward slanted tachymeter and italicized numbers. The bezel also gives this design a sporty aesthetic. The time Module caliber VK63 movement is different than any other chronograph we have used before. We chose this movement for the Camber Chronograph specifically because its snapback chronograph function ties into the automotive design inspiration. The snap-back function mimics the swift movement of the needle on the speedometer as you press on the gas and accelerate.

“When approaching the redesign of our original Racing case that we launched in 2016, I wanted to enhance it’s design by pushing the sporty, aggressive aesthetics to the next level. I drew inspiration from the imposing design language and bold paint schemes of classic American muscle cars and stock car racing of the 1970s,” says Colin Curry, Senior Designer. 

Jack Mason watches are built to be worn every day and last through all of your life’s adventures. It’s not meant to sit in your watch box like a nice car that sits in your garage. Think of the Camber Chronograph like a reliable sports car that you can’t wait to get in and drive. Its built for the road ahead.



  • 42mm diameter
  • 12.5mm thickness 
  • Traditional Lone Star crown
  • Vintage racecar caseback design


  • Time Module Caliber VK63
  • Snap-back Chronograph function


  • 22mm lug width 
  • Italian leather strap 

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