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The Power of the Sun

Posted by Kacie Webb on

The Power of the Sun

Introducing The Solar Watch

In honor of Earth Day, we are launching our first solar-powered watch. We felt Earth Day was the perfect time to debut our Solar Watch, not only because it is composed of recycled and sustainable materials, but because its unique features make it the ideal companion for any active outdoorsmen.

Inspiration and Design 

As we were thinking of ways to evolve our field watch, we wanted to incorporate some of the tech-infused materials and sustainable trends advancing in the market. The biggest challenge was creating an environmentally friendly watch without sacrificing style and quality. Through challenging ourselves and our factory partners, we came up with innovative ways to incorporate eco-minded materials into each element of the watch. We chose the solar-powered movement not only for its lifespan and use of earth’s most available resource but also for its subtle encouragement to get outside and recharge it. In addition to cork, an accessible, sustainable resource, we used a recently developed recycled polyester upholstery to construct the interchangeable watch straps. For the watch case, we invested in a new tooling that allowed us to cast recycled stainless steel and use wastage from other case manufacturing.

Key Features 

The 42mm stainless steel case is cast from recycled case blanks that would be otherwise unusable material, and it is tested for water resistance of up to 100 meters. The recycled polyester strap is made from used plastic bottles. The production process for this innovative material, developed by Kvadrat, is much more efficient than for virgin polyester. It uses less energy and chemicals, which minimizes CO2 emissions to make a genuine impact on the global environment. The Epson VS43 movement uses a solar cell that sits below a translucent black colored dial with Super-LumiNova® numbers and a day-date aperture. No need to replace the battery because it can run for six months on a fully charged solar panel.

The aluminum secondary crown controls a bi-directional compass bezel, which can be used for very basic orienteering.

Limited Box Set

For the box set, we partnered with Rite in the Rain to include one of their all-weather recyclable notebooks and pencils made from recycled newsprint. The box itself wrapped in recycled paper certified by the International Forest Stewardship Council, which contains greater than 60% recycled material. The set also includes an interchangeable Nato strap made from sustainable cork.

When purchasing the Solar Watch or Box Set, 5% will go to support Conservation International’s forest conservation efforts. They strive to protect tropical forests around the world, working directly with the communities that live in and depend on these forests. Together we will protect 50,000 trees. 

You can purchase the watch for $325 or the box set for $375. Both are available for pre-order on jackmasonbrand.com and will ship out on Earth Day. There is a limited quantity available, so act fast.

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