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Top 10 Best Men’s Watches Under $500: What to Look For and What to Avoid

Posted by Nicholas Crusie on

Top 10 Best Men’s Watches Under $500: What to Look For and What to Avoid

At Jack Mason, price is not what makes a watch a worthy investment. Watches are one of the most beautiful, versatile, and functional investments a man can make. Not only are you investing in your future when you buy a watch, but you are investing in the man himself. We’ve summed up a variety of some of the best watches on the market under $500.

Taking into account style, functionality, and longevity, a watch that costs a shiny portion of a week’s paycheck must indeed check off all the boxes. These ten watches are your step into the door of the watch collecting world. Whether you want to purchase your first watch or simply round out your collection with some of the best of the best. These watches are well-made, including high-end features and details akin to those of rival watches with a higher ticket price, meaning you can enjoy the classic attributes and characteristics of a pricey watch without actually breaking the bank. 

Halyard Chronograph: $259 USD

One of our top selling watches is the Halyard Chronograph, and you can’t beat the price. This stunning nautical themed Captain’s watch has a beautiful two-toned stainless steel case and is 24 kt gold PVD plated. It has a 42mm case size making it a great sized watch for most wrists. Equipped with a Navy blue dial and a beautiful three Eyed Chronograph. The yellow gold watch hands tie the whole face together. This watch is rated at 10 ATM or 100m water resistance, making it the perfect watch for land or sea wear. 

What to look for: With a nautical watch, longevity is vital. The Halyard is built with a Japanese quartz movement. It will be years before you have to think about replacing the battery, and it’s mineral crystal face boasts durability and resists shattering even when put to the test. It comes standard with a 22mm leather strap to enhance the ease of wearability as it can easily be dressed up or down.

Jack Mason Solar Watch: $289

The Solar Watch is the highest rated watch we carry and 5% of the proceeds is donated to the Rainforest Trust. Its middle ground price keeps it affordable and made of sustainable materials, but the details pull out all the stops making this field/sports watch a home run in our book. With its gorgeous hunter green and black accents in the dial and bezel and matching polyester strap, this watch reflects the subtle hues of nature. Rated for a water-resistance of a 100m makes this watch the perfect utility accessory for the adventurous man.

What to look for: The smooth recycled stainless steel 42mm case equipped with solar power and an Epson VS42 makes this watch conscientious yet powerful. The Solar Watch can withstand almost any type of wilderness you throw at it, and its sapphire watch crystal adds just a touch of luxury rounding out the details.

The Avigator: $289

The Avigator is the perfect watch for the everyday man, with style. Coming in under $300, this watch is a great first watch for any man’s collection. It exudes that classic 1930s vintage watch style coated in quiet sophistication with its Multi-Scale Chronograph. This watch is an ode to the first field watches with its simplistic, yet charming vibes. Paired with a tailored Italian top grain leather strap rounding out those details with its contrast stitching. 

What to look for: 21st Century design with a classic flair. The black sunray dial enhances the look of this watch. The dial features Swiss Super-Luminova® markings and indices for extreme legibility. The Japanese Quartz movement ensures it will stand the test of time.

Seamount Automatic: $429

Squeezing right into the top of our price point at $429, the exquisite Seamount Automatic takes the classic technical watch to a whole new level. With its 42mm case, it is easily worn on a wide range of wrist sizes. High contrast black gloss dial and Swiss Super-Luminova® markings create strong legibility. The sapphire crystal face adds just a glint of mirrored shine.

What to Look For: Paired with a stainless steel watch bracelet, this watch brings style to the forefront with its rotating ceramic bezel. It is equipped with a screw-down crown aiding in its 300m rated water resistance. This watch sits like a gorgeous miniature tank on the wearer’s wrist.

Halyard GMT: $289

The Halyard GMT pays homage to the jet setters of the 1950’s with its red and blue, night, and day dual rotating bezel. The 42mm 316L stainless steel case has been tested for a water resistance rating of up to 100 meters. It is perfectly assembled with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face. The Swiss Ronda 505.24H movement gives this watch the endurance it needs to keep up with your busy lifestyle. 

What to Look For: The anodized aluminum red and blue bi-directional bezel allows for time to be set in up to three different time zones with just the spin of the bezel. Now, if that’s not a flight amenity, I don’t know what is!

Mirabeau Chronograph: $259

Coming in at a slender 40m case diameter, the handsome Mirabeau Chronograph racing watch honors time and speed with its sporty navy and stainless steel aesthetic. Built to last, this watch is based on some of the most iconic mid-century automobiles of our time. The classic golden age style with its navy dial and center set chronograph sets off this watch’s face. 

What to Look for: The Mirabeau’s unique Italian leather perforated strap mimics the design of vintage racing gloves. Its Miyota OS21 movement keeps this watch running smoothly as it hugs the curves of your wrist. Details, my friend, details.

Canton Day-Date Automatic: $329

This is the perfect dress watch for all the occasions worth celebrating in life. Guided by the most transcendent and recognizable watch motifs ever engineered, the Canton Day-Date Automatic is a contemporary take on the classic dress watch. The 40 mm 316L case is constructed and tested for water resistance up to 100 meters. Its brilliant white dial enhances gold dauphine style hand and multi-faceted indices. The contoured stainless steel and 24kt gold bracelet help this watch sit snuggly just below your cuff. Built with a shimmering sapphire crystal face and the long-lasting Miyota 2305 Japanese Quartz movement.

What to Look for: Unlike most dress watches, the Canton Day-Date dial seamlessly boasts the date of the week and the date. 





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