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Watches, Cases, and Accessories for Father's Day Gifting

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Watches, Cases, and Accessories for Father's Day Gifting

With the summer fast approaching, Father’s Day is coming up. It’s time to start thinking about what we’re going to get our dads for the one day that they get all the attention—and our dads deserve the best.

It can be hard to know what to get your dad, and many dads don’t make it easy (“don’t get me anything!” isn’t a very helpful hint—and even if he means it, everybody appreciates being given gifts). Luckily, even if you don’t know what your dad wants, you know who your dad is and what he likes, which can help narrow down some possibilities.

If you’re having trouble figuring out the perfect gift, never fear. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you decide on a gift that your dad will be able to cherish for years to come.


A well-crafted watch can make an excellent gift for Father’s Day. Even if your dad had retired to a life of leisure, he still needs to be able to tell them time—and he might as well be reminded of his kids every time he checks his watch. And because a good watch can last anywhere from several years to several decades, he’ll have that pleasant reminder for a long time.

No matter what your dad likes to do with his time, there’s a watch that’s perfectly engineered to complement his lifestyle. There are highly water-resistant watches for divers and sailors, incredibly technical timepieces for pilots and sports car fanatics, and even eco-friendly options for our environmentalist dads.

Before settling on a purchase, first, consider what it is that makes your dad tick—and then it’ll be easy to find a watch that he’ll absolutely love.

Dive Watches 

If your dad is an avid scuba diver or snorkeler, consider looking into dive watches. Also known as diving watches or diver’s watches, dive watches are engineered to withstand high amounts of water pressure—many designed to go to depths of 300 meters or more.

Even if your dad isn’t a deep diver, a water-resistant watch can be a great gift for guys who forget to take their watches off before jumping in the pool or the shower. If your dad is as forgetful as some of our team’s, he may appreciate the thought that goes into protecting his timepiece.

Pilot Watches 

Your dad doesn’t need to be a pilot in order to appreciate the stylish functionality of a pilot watch. While these watches were originally designed to accompany aviators as they navigate through the clouds, the many incredible features of pilot watches can come in handy in many different situations—and make a fashionable accessory regardless of the need for technically complex bezels and tachymeters. Pair with a vertical striped dress shirt for a classic look.

And if he is by any chance a pilot (whether commercially or recreationally), a pilot watch is an essential tool that can help him make quick time-speed calculations, allowing your dad to safely navigate through the skies and back home.

Solar Watches 

As the world becomes more aware of individuals’ impacts on the environment, our dads are becoming more aware of how their own actions affect the planet that their kids and grandkids will inherit.

Your dad can rest easy with a solar watch, knowing that the long-lasting, solar-powered, rechargeable battery won’t contribute to pollution like disposable batteries do. And if you get your environmentalist dad a watch made from recycled materials (like Jack Mason’s Solar Watch—made with recycled stainless steel and ocean plastics), he’ll be impressed with your concern for the earth.

Racing Watches 

We’ve never met a dad that doesn’t appreciate making good time. Whether it’s a quick stop at the grocery store or a cross-country road trip, many dads want to efficiently manage the time spent in stores, rest stops, and tourist traps.

Racing watches were designed to help racecar drivers measure their speed in real time—using tachymeters and chronometers to help the watch’s wearer make quick speed and distance calculations.

Whether your dad drives a fully-loaded sports car or a reliable minivan (“It’s good on gas, too!” he says), everybody can appreciate the functionality of a good racing watch.

Heritage Watches

Designed to perfectly accessorize even the most formal attire and pay homage to the vast history of watchmaking—heritage watches are beautifully streamlined timekeeping devices. Even if your dad has retired from life at the office, he still has occasions to dress up—and he should have a watch to go with his best suit.

At Jack Mason, we crafted our Canton Day-Date Automatic to be the perfect heritage watch. Inspired by the most timeless and iconic watch silhouettes in history, the Canton Day-Date Automatic is understated yet incredibly stylish. Featuring an exhibition caseback that shows off the inner workings of the watch’s movement, this timepiece allows its wearer to marvel at its intricate machinery—perfect for the dads who love to see how things work.


If you’ve bought your dad a watch for Father’s Day, or if he’s an avid collector, one thing that will come in rather handy is a travel case. There may come a point when he’ll want to travel with his watch without having to wear it—maybe he’s heading to the beach for the day and doesn’t want to risk damaging his watch. Or perhaps he may want to bring an extra watch along with him (so he can wear a casual watch for day-to-day activities and have a dressier option for a romantic evening out); this gift makes those situations hassle-free. 

With a handy travel case, he can rest easy—knowing that his watch is protected even when it’s out of his sight.


Aside from protective travel cases, there are plenty of additional accessories that can accompany your dad’s new watch (or his existing watch collection). Whether he’s a man of many watches or prefers the silhouette of his favorite watch, there are ways to help him switch things up a bit—or to make it easy to cycle between many favorites.


One simple way to take a watch and change up its look to swap out its strap for one of a different color or material. Simply by changing the strap, you can make a casual watch more dressy—or a dress watch more casual.

Not only can swapping out the strap change the appearance and formality of a given watch, but it can also make it more appropriate/durable for certain settings. If your dad has a water-resistance watch with a strap that isn’t made to withstand deep water, you may want to look into a waterproof silicone strap.

At Jack Mason, all of our watches are made with quick-release pins, making it easy to change their straps in mere moments. And we offer a wide range of styles, from classic Italian Leather to casual Nylon. Our interchangeable strap program allows your dad to tailor his Jack Mason watch to his individual style.

Automatic Watch Winders 

If your dad has a number of automatic watches, it’s very likely that he constantly needs to wind them and set their time. Even though automatic watches are engineered to wind themselves (sort of), they need to be worn in order to do so—it’s the motion of the wearer’s arms that allows an automatic watch’s internal rotor to spin around inside the watch and wind the mainspring (the component that powers the watch).

With an automatic watch winder, your dad can set his automatic watch in a specially designed case that rotates his watch while he’s not wearing it. Automatic watch winders can come in many different sizes, with the smallest designed to hold and wind one watch at a time—and the larger models built to hold and wind several watches at once.

Jack Mason Gift Cards 

Sometimes it can be so hard to pick a gift for our dads that it makes more sense to guide them to the right place and let them pick something out for themselves.

At Jack Mason, we offer gift cards ranging from $25 to $300—so if you’re stumped as to what type of watch your dad would truly love, you can always get him a gift card and set him free to peruse our collection. Whether he’s in need of a new watch or some accessories for his favorite Jack Mason timepiece, a gift card can help him get whatever he needs.

In Conclusion 

We know that it can be hard to pick the perfect gift for your dad, but it shouldn’t feel impossible. After all, there’s something for everybody—and that’s especially true when it comes to the world of watches.

No matter how your dad likes to spend his time, he deserves to look and feel his best while doing it. Whether he’s an avid outdoorsman, automobile enthusiast, or just a great dad, a beautiful watch makes a perfect gift.



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