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Our holiday inspired collection includes three thoughtfully designed timepieces that are luxurious yet versatile. Whether you are dressing up for a holiday party, or want a little something special for your everyday look, these watches make the perfect holiday accessory.

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Hesitant to wear rose gold?

The rose gold we use is a special tone that we developed to have a lighter and more approachable hue, better for everyday wear. It is a 24k rose gold that uses a process called PVD plating to apply the coating onto our 316L stainless steel watch case.

2019 Holiday
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Featuring our three most recent releases, each watch in this collection is unique in design and functionality. The nautical inspired Halyard Sport is functional yet refined, the Camber Chronograph evokes a sense of power and precision, and the Ellum celebrates the heritage of watchmaking with a slim modern design inspired by the 60s.

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