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Ellum Manual Wind

Ellum Manual Wind

A Future Heirloom

A manual-wind watch you’ll form a deeper connection with. Inspired by watches of the past and built for the generations of the future.

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Swiss Manual-Wind Movement

The Sellita SW210 was intentionally chosen to deepen the meaningful connection between watch and wearer. It has been meticulously finished and features blue screws.

American Assembled & Regulated

The Ellum is assembled in America for ultimate quality control and is regulated by Jack Mason to an accuracy of +/-5 seconds per day.

Woven Linen Texture

The star of the show is the linen dial texture. The organic pattern is formed from lines of various weights, distances, and depths, and features a satin finish.

Multi-Faceted Indices

Each index has been architecturally designed to dance in the light. The delicate finishing on each facet creates balanced visual interest.

Softly Domed Dial Edges

The slightly sloped perimeter of the dial surface contributes to the overall romance of the Ellum by providing an extra hint of depth.

Curve-Tipped Hand Detail

The minute and second hands are curved at the tip to create the beautiful effect of the hands sweeping just underneath the boxed crystal.

A Connection to the Past

“The Ellum was developed out of a passion for watches that feel timeless. It’s designed to evoke a feeling of sophistication and poise.”

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Less Than A Centimeter Thin

Measuring in at only 9mm thin, the Ellum is perfectly suited under the sleeve of your shirt. It was designed for maximum thinness and high wearability.

Proportionally Perfect

The 38mm case diameter wears comfortably on most wrist sizes. A large dial opening and thin bezel slims down the frame of the dial.

Luxury Epsom Leather

Attached to the Ellum is an Italian Epsom calfskin leather often used by the likes of Hermès, Chanel, etc. The leather is crisp but malleable for comfortable wearing.

Alcantara Backed

For ultimate comfort, the back of the strap is lined with Alcantara leather, which is naturally moisture wicking and smooth to the touch.

Solid, Machined Buckle

The buckle features dual-finishing and a solid tongue so that the overall fastening experience is secure, durable, and sits flush against the leather strap.

Quick-Release. Maximum Versatility.

For a dress watch, the strap is an essential part of the experience. The Ellum is equipped with quick-release pins for ultimate convenience.

“A dress watch should be beautiful — and Jack Mason made sure that the Ellum looked good from every angle.”

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"The Ellum offers

a different experience in a watch world dominated by sports watches"

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“A timepiece that is an authentic expression of a vintage dress watch rather than a mimetic idea.”

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Ellum Manual Wind

Ellum Manual Wind

Exude Excellence

When every detail is important, there aren’t any shortcuts. Even the smallest components were considered on every level.

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