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The Ellum is starting a dress watch resurgence.

Find out why watch enthusiasts are embracing elegance and reaching for more dress watches.

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Ellum in the Caramel colorway

Sapphire exhibition caseback

“Jack Mason hasn’t forgotten practicality, adjusting each watch to +/- 5 seconds per day.”

Swiss Made & American Assembled

The Ellum features a fully decorated, manual-wind Sellita SW210. To take it to the next level, Jack Mason regulates the movement in the USA to an accuracy of +/- 5 seconds per day. The meticulously finished movement flaunts beautiful brushing and classic blue screws that highlight the beauty of Swiss craftsmanship.

Vintage Style Meets Modern Manufacturing

Although it takes inspiration from the watches of the 1950s and 1960s, the Ellum takes advantage of modern materials and manufacturing processes to create a watch that looks the part and stands the test of time. Like many dress watches from the past, the Ellum is destined to become an heirloom that gets passed down from generation to generation.

Ellum in the Sage colorway

Slim side profile

“The Ellum sits at what many would consider the ‘size sweet spot.’”

Perfectly Fit for Everyday Wear

The dimensions of the Ellum make for a very versatile watch. Stylistically and proportionally, it doesn’t stray far from the standard for watches of this style. The watch sits nicely on most wrist sizes thanks to the 38mm diameter. In addition to its well considered size, it has been paired with an Italian Epsom leather that makes this watch extremely comfortable right out of the box.

Sophisticated, Slender Proportions

The Ellum measures at a mere 9mm in case height and is perfect for slipping under the sleeve of a shirt. It doesn’t occupy much space on the wrist and it isn’t as bulky as a sports watch. The leather strap’s slim profile keeps everything close to the wrist. For those reasons, this watch is great for both casual and formal occasions alike.

Linen dial texture

Fully decorated movement

“The brand has fine tuned every millimeter of [the Ellum] for this year’s launch.”

Designed To Every Millimeter

When every detail is important there are no shortcuts. That’s why watch designer, Peter Cho, was careful to consider every single component, no matter how small. Even under a loupe, you’ll continuously discover special moments of the Ellum that were thoughtfully designed for both function and form. It’s obvious that this watch has been passionately created to feel classic and refined.

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