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Why buy a Strat-o-timer? Here are a few reasons.

Read why enthusiasts are picking this over (or in addition to) the GMT Master II.

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Detailed look at the GMT hand

Strat-o-timer in the Espresso colorway

“A really solid calibre and offers some serious value considering the price.”

- Oracle Time

Functions like the GMT Master II

The key complication in the Strat-o-timer GMT is the local jumping hour hand, thanks to the automatic Miyota 9075 movement that powers the watch. Historically, that function has only been available in luxury watches that are much more expensive. Now, the ability to track two timezones with a traveler’s GMT is more affordable.

Worry-Free Watch Wearing

One of the benefits of the Strat-o-timer is being able to wear it comfortably in a time where more and more luxury watch brands are appearing on the news. Whether this is your everyday watch or the GMT you take when traveling, it’s comforting to not have to worry about your watch being the target for theft.

Strat-o-timer in the Dark Night colorway

Highly detailed movement finishing

“When you put this watch on your wrist, it feels like you won the nightstand drawer lottery.”

- Watch Clicker

USA Regulated for High Accuracy

For maximum accuracy, each movement is regulated by Jack Mason to an accuracy of +/-5 seconds per day. For reference, the stock accuracy of the movement before regulation is +30/-10 seconds per day. Jack Mason is committed to establishing US processes that contribute to a better after sales service and because of that, every watch is assembled in the USA.

It’s an Absolute Spec Monster

The Strat-o-timer checks every box on an enthusiast’s list of must-haves. The 40mm case is rated for 200 meters of water resistance — and that’s with a sapphire caseback. The brand even raises the bar further with the 7-row jubilee style bracelet; the milled clasp features an on-the-fly toolless micro-adjust system.

Applied Lone Star emblem

Strat-o-timer in the Americana colorway

“Each element is finely crafted, leaving subtle touches to speak volumes.”

- Calibre321

Designed Completely In-House

When every detail is important there are no shortcuts. That’s why watch designer, Peter Cho, designed each element and stayed away from off the shelf parts. Even upon closer inspection, you’ll continuously discover special moments of the Strat-o-timer that were designed for both function and form. It’s obvious that this watch has been carefully created to feel sophisticated.

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Strat-o-timer GMT: Americana

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