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Did You Know Jack's Got Your Back?

Posted by Kacie Webb on

Did You Know Jack's Got Your Back?

In an industry split between the quality watch and the trend-based timepiece, you are forced to choose between a lower quality item that you'll likely need to replace within a few years or making a significant investment in a luxury watch that will probably spend most of the time in a jewelry box instead of out exploring the world with you. At Jack Mason, you don't have to choose. We are redefining the watch industry by offering an approachable price point for a timeless style watch that is built to last.

Our commitment to quality is proven. Every Jack Mason watch now includes a lifetime warranty from the date of purchase.* If you damage your watch in any way that is not covered under our warranty, we will gladly repair your watch for a reasonable fee. 

How can we promise this? Utilizing top quality materials, from Italian leather straps to sapphire crystal to Japanese and Swiss movements, combined with exceptional design, we are creating watches that are meant to be worn every day and last a lifetime. 

Through all of your life adventures, big and small, at least you know your watch is covered for a lifetime. Get out there and do what you love without worrying about your watch.

We won't leave you hanging. Jack's Got Your Back. 

*Limitations apply. Visit our Lifetime Warranty page for details.

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