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You Don't Know Jack

Posted by Kacie Webb on

You Don't Know Jack

We frequently hear from Jack Mason customers and loyal fans that they don’t know who Jack Mason is. It’s important to us that our customers know who made their watch and for them to be proud to wear our timepiece on their wrist. We are a family of passionate people creating an exceptional product in which we strongly believe. When you buy a Jack Mason watch, you become a part of our family. 

Get to Know Jack Mason 

In order to know who Jack Mason is, you need to know why the company was started.

Jack Mason is a Texas-born company bringing independence, approachability and legacy to the watch industry. Since our founding in 2015, we have focused on developing a line of thoughtfully designed, luxury timepieces. Our team has over 75 years of combined experience in the watch industry, and because of that, we were able to identify a major gap in the watch industry – there were very few – if any – watchmakers designing and building beautiful, collectible watches that demonstrated the look and feel of a luxury watch, but were offered at an attainable price point. Knowing that, we brought Jack Mason to life.

Our goal as a company is to revive the art of traditional watch design, through educating the consumer on what makes a watch last a lifetime. We deeply believe that the watch a man chooses to wear showcases who he is while also creating a legacy of who he wants to be. We want to restore the prestige to the industry, ensuring that our watches aren’t trend driven, but timeless. In order to do that , we have to ensure that our timepieces are at the highest quality, that they can truly last a lifetime and also that we’ve built a brand that our consumers want to be a part of.

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